Sylvie Dress Sew-Along

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Text from the Creative Live post:

I am so excited to announce my new sewalong class, Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress, now available on CreativeLive! In this on-line video class, you can follow along with me for each and every step of both View A and View B, plus conversations on key tools, selecting your supplies, and more!

If you don't know CreativeLive, it's a wonderful spot on the web where they host classes, mostly live! Craft classes like mine aren't exactly ideal for a live setting, but they are now in the process of developing a whole channel of craft classes that are shot in advance! The lovely CreativeLive team came to my home and shot me in my studio for two long (and hot) days, as we went through everything to help you make your own Sylvie Dress. 

Included in the price of the class is my PDF Sylvie Dress download, so you will be set to start immediately! My class is officially launching today, and for these 24 hours, you can actually watch the entire class for free on the CreativeLive site! After that, the class is available for purchase. Since September is National Sewing Month, my class is on sale for $55, but starting in October it will go up to $79. So now's your chance to scoop it up for a great price, especially considering you also get the pattern too!

I do hope you join me and make your own Sylvie Dress!