buying PDF patterns

Where is the link for downloading the pattern?

After you purchase a PDF pattern on our site, there will be a link for downloading your files on the purchase confirmation page. This same link will be also be sent to the email address used in placing the order, so be sure to enter your email correctly! If you do not see the email within a few minutes, be sure to check your spam or junk mail folders. If your email address domain is your place of business, note that many businesses have spam filters that will prevent the file from ever reaching your inbox. In this case, consider using your personal email account instead. Please keep in mind that services like AOL have filters on your inbox, and your download email will likely be filtered out or placed in your junk or spam folder. 

What do I do if I did not receive the download email?

If you have not received the download link email, and you have checked your spam and junk folders, please contact us with your full name, the email used in purchasing the pattern, and your order number if you have it. Customer service will get back to you within 3-5 business days. Most of the time the email is stuck in a spam folder, or you did not receive it because you spelled your email incorrectly. Just like with a mailing address, you will not receive the email if the address is wrong. 

What kind of files are the downloads? 

Because the files are large, they are compressed and put into a single zip file. Once saved and opened on a computer, all the individual files inside the folder will appear. Because of the nature of zip files, mobile devices like iPhones and iPads cannot open and save the download, and the zip file must be opened on a laptop or personal computer. 

How do I download and save the files?

You have three downloads of the file to allow you to save it locally on your computer. Note that if you open it on a device that you cannot save and print from, like an iPad, these will count as downloads, so be sure to save it to a personal computer or laptop.

Can I share the files with others? 

Patterns are for personal use only and sharing or copying them for others is not allowed. Thank you for respecting the work of this small business.

What do I do if I deleted or lost the files? 

Once you buy the digital file, that is your product, so be sure not to accidentally delete it from your hard drive. If your computer crashes or you delete it, we cannot replace the file for you, and another copy will need to be purchased. Think of it like a physical copy–if you lost the pattern, we cannot send you a new one. Thank you for understanding.

printing PDF patterns

What printing format do the patterns come in?

Each PDF pattern itemizes in the product description a clear list of what files you will receive upon purchasing the pattern, including what printing style the files are formatted for, and the digital size and page count for each file. Please refer to this list to find out if the pattern is available in your preferred printing method.

Why isn't the pattern I want formatted for all size options?

Due to the size of pattern pieces, not all patterns are available in all printing formats. 

How do I print my pattern at home?

Use the file labeled “Print at Home” to use your home printer to print the pattern on either US Letter or A4 paper sizes. Follow these instructions on how to print and assemble your pattern:

  1. Open the pattern file in a PDF reader software, like Adobe Acrobat or Apple Preview.

  2. Select the page with the test square on it and ask your computer to print just that single page.

  3. In the printing window, set the “page scaling” to “none” or to “scale at 100%” so it will print full-size. Do not check “scale to fit” or it will re-size everything on the page.

  4. Confirm that the test square is the correct size. If so, print the remaining pages. If not, correct the printer settings to reduce or enlarge accordingly.

  5. Once all the pages are printed, trim the right and bottom margins off of each page.

  6. Line up the edges on the four sides of each page to form a single sheet of paper as pictured in the diagram of your instruction booklet.

  7. Tape the pages together, then proceed as usual by cutting out or tracing off your desired size.

How do I print my pattern at a copy shop?

If you prefer to print the pattern full-sized, you can take the file to a copy shop and have it printed on a large format printer. There are two size options for this method. 

  • The file labeled “Copy Shop US” is for large format printers that print on 36” wide paper rolls, commonly used in the United States.

  • The file labeled “Copy Shop A0” is for large format printers that print on A0 sized sheets of paper, commonly used outside of the United States. Please note that some pattern pieces are larger than the 30” x 42” A0 paper. For those pieces, the pattern is split for you to join after printing. Simply overlap at the marks on the pattern piece, tape together to form the larger piece, and proceed as usual.


What forms of payment do you accept?

All orders are placed directly through our secure on-line shopping cart. The cart accepts payment from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. 


Do you accept returns of your patterns?

Since digital files cannot be returned in the same manner as a physical product, no exchanges or refunds are issued for our patterns. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us to discuss, and we will get back to you within 3-5 business days.

pattern sizing

What sizes are your patterns designed for?

Christine Haynes Patterns are sized for the following body measurements and a B cup bust:


Do you offer any other sizes?

Sorry, but we do not offer patterns in sizes smaller or larger than those listed above.

difficulty ratings

How do I know what level your patterns are rated for? 

The following guidelines are used when rating the difficulty level of each pattern:

  • One spool: Very easy and suitable for absolute beginners

  • Two spools: Basic garment construction with minimal closures

  • Three spools: Intermediate garment construction with closures

  • Four spools: Upper level intermediate garment construction

  • Five spools: Advanced garment construction


Where do I input my discount code?

If you have a discount code and are not sure where to enter it, please follow these steps:

  1. Put the item in your cart.

  2. Click on the “check out” button on the lower right. If you want to pay with PayPal, don’t worry, you will have an option to choose that later…

  3. You will now be at a page where you can input your shipping address so the cart can calculate the shipping cost. If you already have an account, you can simply log in and this info will fill itself in for you. On the right side is a spot for the discount code. Put the code there and press apply. You will now have a new total.

  4. Click on "continue to shipping method” to go to the next page to select your shipping. Your discounted total will still be on the right side, now with shipping added.

  5. Click on “continue to payment method” to go to the next page to select your payment of credit card or PayPal and to put in your billing address.

  6. Then simply complete your order!

How do I find out about upcoming sales and discounts?

The best way to find out about upcoming promotions is to sign up for our newsletter. This can be done at the bottom of of every page of the website. Usually we offer a discount during the launch of a new pattern, and we have occasional sales throughout the year.  

patterns for wholesale & teaching

I own a store and/or workshop space. Can we use your patterns in a class?

PDF patterns are available for use in class workshops. Shops are able to purchase a digital copy of the pattern for each student at a wholesale rate, or the shop can direct students to purchase their own digital copy of the pattern directly from us in advance of the class. Giving the students a copy by tracing off or printing multiple copies is not allowed. Contact us to purchase copies for your students use. 

in-person workshops

Does Christine teach in-person workshops?

Christine occasionally teaches sewing classes in-person. Any upcoming classes will be listed under the "learn" tab up at the top of this page.

Can I sign up for a private lesson with Christine?

Please note that she is not currently taking on any new private lesson students. Thank you for understanding!

I'd like to talk with Christine about teaching!

Christine has taught at conferences and is open to discussing presenting, lecturing, or teaching at future conferences. If you are planning an event and are interested in her participation, please contact us to discuss it!

on-line workshops

Does Christine teach on-line workshops?

Christine has taught some on-line classes that are available at the sites listed below:

  • The Sassy Librarian Blouse on Craftsy: This class includes a PDF print-at-home version of the pattern that was designed exclusively for Craftsy. Due to Christine's contract, a printed version of the pattern and written instructions are not available.

  • Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress on CreativeLive: This class includes a PDF print-at-home version of the Sylvie Dress pattern. All the fabric for this class was sponsored by Cloud9 Fabrics.

  • Sew With Me on Sew News: This collection of four patterns were designed exclusively for Sew News and are not available in a printed format. The PDF patterns and videos can be purchased individually or as a bundle through Sew News. All the fabric for the videos was sponsored by Cotton + Steel Fabrics.

Who do I talk to with questions about buying one of these on-line classes?

If you have inquiries about your purchase for any of the above on-line classes, please contact the host directly, as these are only available to buy through each individual company. 

pattern errata

Have you ever made an error on your patterns?

Um, yes! We're only human after all! Find any errors we made on our patterns on the Pattern Errata page.

Privacy policy

Are you going to abuse all the information I put into the shopping cart?

By using the Christine Haynes Patterns web shop, you allow us to contact you if we have questions about your order.

By signing up for our mailing list, you allow us send you occasional emails about upcoming classes, new products, and general announcements. You always have an option to opt out at the bottom of the newsletter.

The information given for either situation is never sold, shared, or abused in any way. 

Fabric & Photography

Who took the photos on your site?

All the photographs on the site were taken by Christine Haynes. 

Where are the fabrics on your site from?

All the fabric for the product samples were purchased by Christine. 

What are the shoes the models are wearing?

The shoes used in the photographs are Christine's own personal shoes.

Custom orders

Will you help me with a sewing idea that I have?

Sorry, but we do not sew custom garments, complete alterations, or create custom patterns for clients.